About UJS

UJS (Union of Jewish Students) is a voluntary membership organisation which represents 8500 Jewish students studying in the UK and Ireland.

UJS is a confederation of Jewish Societies (J-Socs) but also provides further opportunities for student engagement through our national programming.

UJS full-time staff are recent graduates led by an elected President.

Our core values are:

Cross-Communalism: we believe that UJS and J-Soc activities should be open to all Jewish students regardless of religious affiliation or denomination.

Peer-leadership: we believe in empowering students to run their own programming for their peers.

Representation: we believe that Jewish students should have their voices heard both locally and nationally.  J-Soc committees and the UJS President are elected roles which consider the views of their members and in turn represent the views of Jewish students to the wider community.

Engagement with Israel: we believe that Jewish students should have the support and space to explore their connection and relationship with Israel.

UJS's work is divided into 5 areas:

J-Socs: we currently provide training and funding for over 50 J-Socs situated around the country. UJS offers J-Socs this support in order to enhance their activities and Jewish student life on campus.

Campaigns: UJS campaigns to defend its members' interests. We work with universities, NUS (National Union of Students) and the government to ensure that the needs of Jewish students are met and represented at every level.

Careers and Networking: As a member of UJS you will be offered the opportunity to participate in career networking events, master classes and a summer placement scheme.

National Events: Each year UJS hosts and runs national events to bring together Jewish students from across the country. These include: JUEFA Cup football tournament, UJS training Summit, UJS Conference, UJS Student Awards, Shabbat UK and Jewniversity Challenge.

Services: We work with Hillel and universities to secure Jewish student accommodation and spaces for J-Soc activities as well as sourcing kosher food for students on campuses around the country.

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