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On the 30th of May, Sussex University students voted down a boycott of Israeli academic and cultural institutions. Sussex was the first university union to have a boycott of Israeli goods in place, as...
Miriam Steiner
‘So, how was the trip?’ Addressing this question elicited a different response each time it was asked. Depressing? Horrifying? Shocking? After visiting Majdanek, Belzec, Auschwitz-Birkena...
Gabriella Soffer
On the evening of the 25th of March, my student union, KCLSU, passed a motion promoting BDS. I now feel less attached to my university  than ever before and a whole lot more alienated. Thankfully...
Liina Otsalu
Joe Cohen is winner of the esteemed Alan Senitt Outstanding Contribution to Campus Life Award at this year's UJS Student Awards. As president of Nottingham J-Soc, Joe was an influential leader who to...
Joe Cohen
It is a tragedy that some Jewish students feel unable to take part in their university’s Jewish Society. J-Socs are supposed to be our home away from home: somewhere we can go for kosher meat, f...
Gabriel Webber, Brighton & Sussex J-Soc
Over the past four years at university, including the two years that I was J-Soc President, I have become known amongst Imperial J-Soc for my eagerness in organising J-Soc trips abroad. It all starte...
Noah Nathan
Recently, I was honoured with the opportunity to be part of the delegation representing UJS at the 2013-14 World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) congress in Jerusalem, Israel. WUJS is the global umbre...
Nathan Abraham, University of Greenwich
A few weeks ago at Warwick University, there was a talk about feminism, the “other” F-word. It is beyond doubt that for some people, the label “feminist” carries certain negati...
Jordan Jacobs
As part of the Muslim-Jewish Forum at Durham University, J-Soc member Emily Sherr organised for Teach First to meet Muslim and Jewish students and discuss the connection between teaching and the Islam...
Ben Kasstan
I’ve always found the term ‘apartheid’ to be a heinous word; much like my reaction upon hearing the word slavery, each syllable brings me to a cringe: my mind painting a picture of a...
By Adam Isaacs
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