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There really are so many ways you can get involved with UJS. Your membership provides you with the following:

Careers and Networking: UJS offers its members services such as career networking events, master-classes with industry professionals and a summer placement scheme. Check out the careers section to see what the latest events are that may be of interest to you. For any further details about any of these events e-mail

National Events: Each year we host national events to bring together Jewish students from across the country. These include: JUEFA Cup football tournament, UJS training Summit, UJS Conference, UJS Student Awards, Shabbat UK and Jewniversity Challenge.

Training: UJS continuously trains J-Soc committees across the country throughout the academic year, but is constantly available to provide resources and advice whenever it is needed. E-mail  if you need any J-Soc related resources.  

Trips: UJS offers some incredible opportunities to leave the UK behind and get away on our signature trips (Manhigut) as well as working with Masa, birthright and March of the Living to offer a variety of trips throughout the year.

Campaigns: UJS runs training summits and opportunities for Israel education throughout the year as well as ways to get involved in social action projects on campus.

Writing: The J-Soc blog is there and available for you to submit written pieces throughout the year. Just e-mail to submit your articles or pitch ideas.

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