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One of the largest Jewish communities in the world, Buenos Aires is home to many different Jewish organizations catering exclusively to students and young adults. An active Hillel provides students with a range of programming options, while Chabad offers dozens of classes each month. Menora, an outreach organization, recently established a group specifically for Jewish international students. Since many Israelis travel through South America, there is an Israeli Youth Hostel called the Iaacob House. If housing is a concern, the local Chabad also offers affordable, kosher housing for Jewish students through Lubas Home. Through Fundacion Judaica, students can find volunteer and internship opportunities, as well. Do'nt forget to check out BsAs's famous Kosher restaurants, including El Galope and McDonalds! Connect with KAHAL to find your Jewish home in Buenos Aires, Argentina.




  • Connections to students and social events
  • Internships and volunteer options
  • Entrepreneurship and business training
  • Advocacy and activism
  • Housing and travel
  • Jewish heritage tours
  • Shabbat and holiday experiences
  • Jewish learning and enrichment
  • Dozens of Kosher restaurants and stores

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