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UJS Student Awards 2019 - And the nominees are...

After receiving nearly 100 nominations and deliberating for a long time, we are delighted to announce this year’s nominees for the 2019 UJS Student Awards!

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Debate not Divestment: Creating Meaningful Dialogue on our Campuses During Israel Apartheid Week

As Israel Apartheid Week approaches, as Jewish students around the country, we have to consider the role that we play in promoting the Jewish state. It is clear, through Israel Apartheid Weeks gone by, that we have seen hostility on campus, with some students calling for a hard-line policy of Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against the State of Israel. One thing is evident though – rather than polarising the debate so that both sides feel as though they must get one up on the other, we should instead be creating an environment that fosters good relations and respect – an environment that would in the future be conducive to peace.

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Homelessness - Rebecca Lewis, UJS Sabbatical Officer

Perhaps awful to admit, but if you had sent me an article about homelessness two weeks ago, chances are I wouldn’t have even opened it- it was, quite simply, something that had little relevance to me; I just didn’t care.

In fact, it went further than just being apathetic. I was a cynic.

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LGBT+ History Month 2019

Our job as student leaders is to fight for those in our society who need us most, leading a student culture which celebrates diversity and standing up for each other when we need it most. That’s why we are proud to mark LGBT+ History Month, both as a celebration of our LGBT+ Jewish community, and as a focus on how much further we can go to expel homophobia, transphobia and biphobia from our Jewish student society and beyond.

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The Real Deal 2018 - Finn Judge

Last month I had the privilege of touring Israel with UJS, alongside four universities from the North. It required preparation: we were told to expect early mornings, fluctuating weather, and even the occasional brewery. What none of us could have prepared for, however, were the transformative accounts of those who lived the conflict between Israel and Palestine - and the common hope they shared for the future.

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Tu B'Shvat 2019

Tu B’Shvat celebrates the New Year of the trees and traditionally marks the date on which farmers began calculating the tithing of their fruit crops. Today we celebrate Tu B’Shvat through eating 15 fruits and the Kabbalistic custom of Tu B’Shvat sedarim is becoming popular. However, it can also serve as an important reminder of our Jewish duty to care for the natural world.

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You can't not go - March of the Living

You can’t not go

When you go somewhere people always ask ‘how was it?’ And words can never express the intensity of what you’ve experienced. This is a trip too important to miss and my words can only carry so far.

I went on March of the Living for the first time as a student; the following year I went as a member of UJS staff, and I would go again. I have to.

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Shakira Martin, NUS President addressed Jewish students ensuring her commitment to the Jewish community - UJS Conference 2018

Shakira Martin, President of the National Union of Jewish Students, joined us at Conference to reinforce her commitment to combat anitsemitism through her platform within the NUS. 

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Lord Eric Pickles addresses the need to preserve and learn from the history of the Holocaust - UJS Conference 2018

Lord Eric Pickles, Chair of the Conservative Friends of Israel and co-Chair of the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation Advisory Board, spoke of the need to learn the lessons of history in order to eradicate hatred today.

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Lord Alf Dubs inspires students to continue their activism for today’s child refugees - UJS Conference 2018


‘When you have hope, you can put up with almost everything, but when there is not hope, it’s really terrible. We want to give them hope.’

One week and 80 years after the first arrival of a Kindertransport to the UK, Lord Alfred Dubs addressed Jewish students at this years conference talking about his experiences as a Holocaust survivor and working in the UK Parliament, as well as working to support unaccompanied child refugees.

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