Josh Nagli - Campaigns Director

Hi, I'm Josh! I studied Economics at the University of Bristol. As Campaigns Director, I am hoping to get as many student activists involved as possible in the coming year and help to make university campuses a better place for Jewish students by running some great campaigns. 

Thu 15 Jun 2017

Thank you - it's been a privilege

Despite being Treasurer of Bristol J-Soc in my first year, I only got involved with UJS because my J...
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Fri 12 May 2017

One year on and Jewish students deliver for each other

It’s just over two weeks since delegates to NUS National Conference elected their new national leadership for the...
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Tue 09 May 2017

Your vote matters - use it, don't lose it

Whilst most were frantically searching around for their clipboards following the announcement of the General Election, getting ready to go...
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Tue 04 Apr 2017

Why is this NUS report different from all other reports?

On Monday night, Jews around the world will be sitting around their Passover Seder tables, telling the story of how...
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Thu 03 Nov 2016

Let Jewish students speak for themselves

This article first appeared in the Jewish News. In the past week I’ve heard a lot about what...
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