Bridges Not Boycotts

Bridges Not Boycotts 2018 - How to get involved

The Bridges Not Boycotts campaign is the current manifestation of many decades of UJS work championing the Jewish people’s right to national self-determination. With UJS being one of the first diaspora Jewish organisations to support mutual recognition between Israelis and Palestinians, this project furthers Jewish students' long-held and annually reaffirmed policy to combat attempts to demonise and delegitimise Israel, whilst engaging in education underpinned by a desire to realise Two States for Two Peoples.

All too often, conversations on campus are divisive and unconstructive, where those on different sides of the conflict rarely come together. We recognise the complexities and nuance in the conflict and we seek to export dialogue rather than import division when it comes to how campuses respond to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Through this campaign, UJS is fostering a space for informed debate and responsible dialogue, promoting community cohesion on campus. 

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