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Carine Levi

Carine Levi is a Shlicha of the Jewish Agency for Israel to UJS, covering north of England and Scotland. Born in Nahariya and raised in Afula, Carine served as a Sergeant in the Israeli Air Force, as a Chemical laboratory assistant. Carine has a Master's degree in International Relations and Security Studies, and Bachelor's degree in Politics and International Relations, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Whilst a student, Carine worked for two years at the Prime Minister's Office as a personal assistant, and did an internship at the Knesset, the Israeli's parliament. Before arriving to the UK, Carine worked as Partnership Cordinatoor at the Jewish Agency for Israel.  

J-Socs (Jewish Societies) I work with:
  • Leeds
  • Liverpool
  • Durham
  • Newcastle
  • Lancaster 
  • York
  • Sheffield
Contact me:

E: [email protected]

M: 07935 886 319


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