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  • Hal Brinton (Dyche)
    commented 2019-02-09 08:25:44 +0000
    Dear Leeds J-Soc,

    I would like consider joining the Society – can you please advise as to how I should proceed ? – many thanks – Hal

    Yours faithfully

  • Debora Frydman
    commented 2019-02-05 02:04:40 +0000
    Hello! I am Debora Arieh’s mother, my 17 year old son who has just finished the Jewish school in Lima Peru- Leon Pinelo, is religious and wants to go to study in a Jewish environment where he can also give humanitarian service. I would like you to apply for a scholarship since the UK costs are high for the economy. I am so excited to have found this information in the British Council.


    Debora Frydman Prizant
  • Jonathan Romain
    commented 2019-01-29 16:18:52 +0000
    I am writing to invite you to a Jewish Charities Fair that we are holding at Maidenhead Synagogue.

    Maidenhead is the largest synagogue in the Home Counties (covering Berks, Bucks and Oxon) and consists of 842 households. Our membership has a wide-ranging age profile, with a Religion School of 162 children, but also two flourishing clubs for the elderly.

    The Charities Fair is primarily for those dealing with aspects of care…and the double object is (our end) to inform our members of the care resources available, such as what you do, and (your end) enable you to publicise your work, as well as have an opportunity to fundraise.

    It will be held on Sunday 22nd September 2019 from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm at the Synagogue and (based on a similar event we held last year) we expect some 200 people to attend.

    The ideal scenario would be to have a stall that was manned by someone who could talk about the work you do and answer any questions…but if that was impossible, you could also have an unmanned table, with leaflets for people to take.

    The Synagogue is 45 minutes from Central or North London, just off both the M4 and M40.

    In fairness, I should add that we are writing to some 35 Jewish charities, but can only accommodate 25 stalls…so please can you let me know if you would be interested in participating by 8th February, even though there will still be plenty of time in which to sort out the technical details and space arrangements.

    Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain
  • Don Rohit Waravadekar
    commented 2018-12-23 12:25:50 +0000
    Notice To “‘UJS’ & Company”,

    YOU are very well aware of all the devilries that you and your family have committed along with your collective aides against us (me and my family which includes my pet dog Don Rocky & his family) with utmost EVIL intentions and are still committing relentlessly after very well knowing our importance, valuation and status as well as the supreme truth of who I am which please note.

    I’ve to urgently touch base with campaign managers and professional fundraisers for extremely urgent, delicate, important, infinitely-valuable-work-of-God and will be highly obliged to have information regarding the same which you and your company are very well aware of with absolute details and are sabotaging with utmost Evil intentions in association with Antichrist, Witches, Demons, Satanists, Terrorists & Evil-figures (including Murderers, Rapists, Daku, etc).

    You have to SURRENDER right now itself along with your collective aides irrespective of their age, sex, nationality, how much ever they are in quantity, etc. as well as make the ‘Governments’ & the ‘Nations’ throughout the globe SURRENDER with immediate effect for further Proper Action.

    P.S: Do not take this notice lightly under any circumstance which kindly note again since we are on the verge of taking extremely offensive action which will be even worse than the devilries that you & your collective aides have committed against us with utmost EVIL intentions which you are very well aware of with absolute details.

    P.P.S: Officially publish the news of the universe since the time has begun which was hidden with utmost EVIL intentions (since around mid-2009, the time when Governments along with topmost Media throughout the globe were told to immediately protect ‘n’ secure me and my pet dog Don Rocky).

    P.P.P.S: Forward this notice to all the officials (Secretary Generals, Counsels, Presidents, Board, Executives, Legal Department, other important departments, subsidiaries, specialized agencies, affiliates & personnel, teams, speakers, representatives, senators, judiciaries, ministers, pastors, member, staffs, Prime Minister, Journalists, Elite Society, Armed Forces, President & even People, etc.) of your Company with immediate effect too for their urgent response as mentioned in the notice which please note.

    P.P.P.P.S: Don’t stop the work of God by taking threatening from Antichrists, Witches, Demons, Satanists, Terrorists, other Evil Figures, etc. and if you are involved with them, then Surrender right now itself and let the others commence the campaign as mentioned in the notice with immediate effect.

    P.P.P.P.P.S: If you have doubts, then you can do as explained below:

    Ask a close mate of yours to give you their concentration for a minute. Ask them to close their eyes. You close your eyes too and visualize your mate in your mind and communicate with your mate in your mind itself like pull their hair, slap them, pinch them, talk to them, etc. Then open your eyes and take your mate’s attention. Then ask them what you communicated with them. They should tell you exactly what you did if you do it correctly as explained to understand ‘ACCESS’ which should clear any doubts and U will know the Supreme Truth.

    ‘Access’ is also known as ‘Access To Son-of-God’ aka ‘Access To Buddha’ aka ‘Access To Avatar’ aka ‘Access To God’.

    Attachments – Kindly retrieve important materials from this link:


    Don Rohit Waravadekar…

    Alikabooom Entertainment


    Address: A-101, Ganga Darshan, J.P Road, Versova, Andheri (west), Mumbai-400061, India.

    Mobile: +91-9619488614, +91-7977808364


    Confidentiality Note: This message is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient or an employee or agent responsible for delivering the message to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately by e-mail and delete the original message. Thank you.
  • Simon Moos
    commented 2018-11-28 15:57:21 +0000
    Hi, where can we vote for the presidential election? I have not received any e-mail.
  • Yaniv Cadosh
    commented 2018-11-26 14:15:42 +0000
    Any Hillel houses in Birmingham
  • Vitaly Mironov
    commented 2018-11-26 12:04:04 +0000

    Belmont Filmhouse

    49 Belmont Street


    01224 343 500

    8th December, 2018

    5-30 pm

    8th December – The UK premiere of Russian SOBIBOR movie will take place at Belmont Filmhouse in Aberdeen at 5:30 pm.

    The film dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the heroic episode of World War II is based on a true story of the only successful uprising of a Nazi death camp prisoners which happened in Sobibor in October, 1943.

    The film was directed by the famous Russian actor Konstantin Khabensky, who also acted as Alexander Pechersky, the leader of the uprising.

    The cast includes Christopher Lambert (the Highlander), Wolfgang Cerny and a number of well-known Russian and international actors. The film released in Russia in May, 2018 was chosen as a Russian entry to run for Oscar as the best foreign language film.

    The non-commercial film presentation will be complemented with an exhibition and a meeting with the film crew members.

    There is every reason to believe that this premiere will become a notable event not only for the cultural life of Scotland, but also for the Russian-Scottish relations in general. The peoples of our two countries stood in the same row in the titanic struggle against Nazism and paid an extremely high price to combat it. This should not be forgotten, and this should never happen again.

    With best regards,

    Vitaly Mironov

    Moscow Caledonian Club


  • Laura Nicoll
    commented 2018-11-21 20:20:08 +0000
    To whom it may concern,

    I hope you are well,

    This is my third time emailing the UJS. Unfortunately I have emailed Noah multiple time and received no response.

    I applied to the Real Deal: Israel Trip weeks ago and would just like to receive a reply confirming that all of those who have been selected for the trip have already been notified.


    Laura Nicoll
  • Selina Gebel
    commented 2018-11-20 15:07:42 +0000

    I am Selina Gebel, a German medical student, studying currently in Romania in my second year. I am required to do a summer practice of at least 4 weeks in July-September (2 weeks in the emergency room and 2 with a family doctor), so I wanted to spend it in London. As I am studying in English and I would love to move to London at some point, I would be very happy if you could help me! I feel quite helpless as it is very hard to get a place for an internship as a foreigner! Do you maybe know some doctors who could take me for an internship? If it could be in the above mentioned departments, that would be great, but I am more than happy with any given possibility!

    Thank you very very much for all your effort and the time to read my message!

    All the best,

  • Shelly Harvey
    commented 2018-11-09 11:30:18 +0000
    Hello, I hope you’re well? I work for the BBC and we’re holding a free preview screening for a brand new BBC One documentary called ‘A Very British History: The Jews of Leeds’. It’s on Thu 22nd Nov in Leeds and free tickets are available on the link below. I’d be really grateful if you’re able to share these details with your members as I think it will be of interest locally – if anyone wants to contact me direct about the event they can email me (

    Best wishes, Shelly
  • Ramsha Saeed
    commented 2018-11-05 15:07:38 +0000
    Dear UJS,

    My name is Ramsha Saeed and I work for Breakfast Show Team on the Voice of Islam Radio Station. I hope this finds you in good health.

    Hence I would like to request an interview for the show on Wednesday the 7th Of November 2018. We will be talking mainly about the following topic:

    Why Anti-Semitic Attacks Are Human Rights Violations — And Should Be Treated That Way

    I hope that you will be able to spare time despite your busy schedule. We would like to have someone from your department who can talk about Halloween in details. The interview will be done over the phone and it will be an individual interview. Once you confirm for the interview we will be more than happy to provide you with the questions, you will also be able to amend.

    If you have a preferred half an hour UK time out of these times:

    7:30-8:00 am

    8:00-8:30 am

    8:30-9:00 am

    Then do let us know. We fill you in with more details once you confirm for the interview.

    Ramsha Saeed

    Voice Of Islam Radio Team

    Twitter: @VOI_Breakfast
  • Kirsteen Coupar
    commented 2018-09-03 15:30:51 +0100
    London South Bank University if hosting a community day on Monday 24th September 2018.

    We would like to invite a representative of the UJS to attend and interact with our students. Please do get in touch if you would like to reserve a free table at the event.

    Kirsteen Coupar

    Director of Student Support
  • Jessica Leschnikoff
    commented 2018-04-03 12:49:49 +0100
    Dear UJS,

    I’m Chair for Maidstone Momentum, a member of the Kent Liberal Jewish Community, and also have just set up the Facebook page Jewish Momentum. Although I’m considered a paternal Jew by my community, having not grown up in a Jewish household, I’m also getting towards the end of a long conversion process – so will go before a Beth Din before long and then my status will be sorted out!

    In recent days, I’ve been angered and disheartened by the in-house fighting between Jewish Labour Party members, supporters and others. I decided to set up Jewish Momentum in response to allegations that Momentum is a fascist organisation. The page is only open for comment from Momentum members, Jewish or non-Jewish and has strong profanity filters to prevent bad behaviour.

    To the side of all this, I’ve been thinking about and actively discussing the issue of anti-Semitism with my Jewish and political affinity groups, and have started to prepare a presentation about the various forms of anti-Semitic stereotypes that have evolved in the last few years (including the age-old ones too). One of my recent realisations is that Jews are often defined as “acceptably Jewish” by their non-Jewish counterparts. And of course: the old issue of “who is a Jew” within Jewry is also something I think about being from the Progressive community.

    As such, I wondered; would it be possible to collaborate with a few of your team to develop my ideas further, and perhaps you could help me deliver a presentation to my communities in the coming months. I do think anti-Semitism has developed further in recent years, and (my favourite word of the moment) has been conflated with other things such as Zionism, conspiracy theories, etc. As such, the whole matter needs to be picked over and re-examined with younger fresher eyes and hearts. The average person in my non-Jewish community of friends, activists and political campaigners does not know much about Jews or Jewish life; in short – they don’t see or hear anti-Semitism when it happens to them or to someone else. This is a problem of exposure and education, and I’d like to lead the way with fellow Jews to deliver something educational that explains the particular flavour and form of AS to all people – including fellow Jews who think they’ve seen it all!

    If you’d like to be in touch over this, please do email me, and visit my page on Facebook – not much going on there at the moment as I’m very busy, but I’m giving it my attention once a week to post, and more frequently to monitor visitor posts and likes etc.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon,

    Yours Sincerely,

    Jessica Leschnikoff
  • Joshua Pryce
    commented 2018-03-28 14:33:11 +0100
    Why dont you believe Jesus is the messiah?
  • Rebecca Chabrow
    commented 2018-03-19 13:06:39 +0000

    My name is Rebecca Chabrow and I am the Director of College & Career Counseling at the American Hebrew Academy. We are the world’s only pluralistic Jewish boarding school, and boast a 45% international population. Our dual-curriculum includes rigorous and comprehensive secular studies with 19 Advanced Placement (AP) courses and 10 additional courses taught utilizing a university-level curricula. Furthermore, we offer 44 Jewish Studies classes and nine levels of Hebrew.

    Having worked as a college counselor previously at an American international school in Barcelona, most of my students there attended university in the UK. During my time in Europe, I visited 50 UK universities and became passionate about international education. Now that I have returned back to the United States and am working at another international school, I would like to spread the word of international education to my students here.

    Since we are a Jewish school, it is important for me to understand what Jewish life is like on each college campus that I recommend.

    One of our goals is also to have more European students come to our school. If I had more knowledge about Jewish life at UK universities, this could help assure those European families that if they choose to return to Europe for university, that they would have a knowledgeable resources at hand.

    Does the Union of Jewish Students have a full list of each university, its Jewish population, its Jewish societies, and frequency of Jewish programming (such as Shabbat dinners, services, holiday events, social events, Torah study, etc.)? Are there any universities that are more known for having positive experiences for Jewish students?

    Also, if this is posted publicly, I would welcome information from any university individually about Jewish life on their campus. I can be contacted at


    Rebecca Chabrow

    Director of College & Career Counseling

    American Hebrew Academy

    Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
  • John John
    commented 2018-03-11 02:40:34 +0000

    This message is from the glory and care of GOD, the CREATOR of the universe, for mankind.

    The message is for national and international institutions dealing with social control, with the aim of educating people.

    !!!!!!! Because of the functions you have, you have an obligation to take measures for the protection and continuity of society. Do not forget that everything you do is because GOD lets you do it, otherwise you could not do anything.

    !!!!!!! Do not let the current society’s course go to chaos, because you have responsibilities and you will be responsible for all the loss of human lives from your indifference.

    All materials that have a distorted content and circulate in the middle of society must be banned, all that causes the moral degradation of the present society, everything that is brought to the attention of the public and does not have an adequate content that does not fit into the norms of common sense and mutual respect, everything that degrades the spirit of man by altering judgment. The spirit who does not live a life of service to GOD, that spirit reaches through the way of life delivered through television and radio stations without its own will and is lost due to judgment that develops negatively. Man looks and listens to what is communicated to him by the means of communication, so he changes his way of life according to what he sees and hears.

    Understand, man makes a way of life from what he sees and hears, which is false, because reality is only one: whatever man would dress and eat, any function he would have in this life, man must take care of the spirit or, because it only remains of this life; here, on earth, man has nothing material, he only lives a false interpretation of the greed of money, money, and forgets GOD, his CREATOR.

    !!!!!!! Give the world hope. Man must live with the hope of eternal life to obtain this from GOD. Only what is enjoyable, which gives hope and trust, must come to the hearing and seeing of people. When there is no hope and confidence in the future, the spirit of man becomes confused and the man resorts to acts of suicide, murder, alcohol, drugs, prostitution, thievery and all that is evil. For this reason, those who have attributions in the field of protecting society from everything that is not useful and contradicting the morals of society, must forbid everything that is evil and everything that distorts the good course of society.

    LISTEN! It is important that all human actions and activities be based on respect and gratitude to GOD, our FATHER. People have to get to understand that the spirit is important, because it lives forever and we need to pay special attention to it.

    Listen! Humanity is at a fragile point, because everything that is bad is rapidly spreading, and the morality and social norms beneficial to society are overlooked.

    !!!!!!! The moral state of mankind is degraded by everything that comes to see and hear, because it receives a great deal of information that develops the character of the human being in the negative.

    The moral degradation of global society must be hindered by you who have this power. Do not say: we can not or do not have this power, but do what is pleasing before GOD, because man is what he does and not what he says, that you may be pleased with GOD and have a good reward.

    Everything that does not respect the morality rules is forbidden and is broadcast on the posts:

    - television (injuries, assault language and aggressive expressions, all that is immoral and all that is distorted behavior and vulgar speech);

    - radio (music with content that causes disappointments and discontents – are musical genres that deliver aggression, sexuality, drugs – rock and rap music, it is generally the one that conveys state to man sadness of dissatisfaction and false hopes);

    - the same are newspapers and books with aggressive content, inappropriate and unreasonable language, the representation of actions or expressions of words that provoke hatred, scandal and everything that is bad.

    !!!!!!! Everything that is immoral and contrary to common sense must be removed and no longer be broadcast on such films, advertisements, books, newspapers or music pieces that contain bad content in their content. As for music, like genres such as rock and rap, some of them demoralize the population and determine it through suicide and crime, drugs and alcohol, prostitution and everything that is bad, riots against religious cults, hatred and division against other nations.

    For this, clear rules must be established in the limits of common sense and in accordance with religious norms, according to the commands and laws of GOD, if you want humanity to go further, because all the nations of the earth are of GOD and all are the children of Him and everything that belongs to GOD, because HE is the only GOD and only Himself has mastery over heaven, earth and hell. Everything in the universe is subject to GOD, for this, and I will hear and do what is good for GOD.

    You must know the truth that GOD shows me: GOD is ONE ONE CREATOR and MASTER over all, Jesus is our big brother, and GOD gave Jesus the greatest function, the function of scrutinizing the cleansing of spirits and those who do his will GOD, these Jesus confesses to GOD; The Holy Spirit of GOD is the power by which GOD blesses everything he wants; so Jesus and the Glorious Spirit of GOD are inseparable from the will and work of GOD and work for GOD. GOD being the only CREATOR is ONLY MASTER over heaven, earth and hell, and in hell are evil spirits; evil spirits and Satan are kept as servants in hell, and hell is like a prison for evil spirits; GOD gives life, He gives death, HE gives reward and punishment, and HE throws into hell those who disobey his will; whatever is in the universe is the creation of GOD and HE has mastery over everything.

    Be wise and do GOD’s will and do not despise GOD, because His punishment is eternal and terribly heavy.

    !!!!!! Give the world hope. Man must live with the hope of eternal life to obtain this from GOD. Only what is enjoyable, which gives hope and trust, must come to the hearing and seeing of people. When there is no hope and confidence in the future, the spirit of man becomes confused and the man resorts to acts of suicide, murder, alcohol, drugs, prostitution, thievery and all that is evil. For this reason, those who have attributions in the field of protecting society from everything that is not useful and contradicting the morals of society, must forbid everything that is evil and everything that distorts the good course of society.

    If you do not stop these evil things, then you will be responsible for the punishments that will be sent to mankind.

    !!!!!!! The lost sheep are demanded from the pastor’s hand, so will the souls lost from these causes from your hands, because of your indifference. Do you believe what I say and do what you need, for the pain and sorrow of those who disobey GOD is very great.

    Stop doing what is wrong and do only what is right, seek peace and understanding, righteousness and truth, unity in service to GOD and what is pleasing to GOD, seek love for all peoples and unity of peoples, love for your neighbor, listen to the will of GOD and do not delay too much, for the day of the coming of GOD is near. I will tell you what He has shown me: GOD is right at the door. Work for what is good and pleasing to GOD, that you may not be found unprepared in the day of the coming of the MASTER of the house, for THE MASTER IS GOD.

    Tell the world to give praise, honor, blessings and thanks to GOD, because HE has made them and HE keeps them all alive by the great power for ages of ages.

    GOD to bless you!

    His wretched servant
  • Nick Sun
    followed this page 2018-03-05 10:13:01 +0000
  • followed this page 2018-03-05 10:08:40 +0000

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