Welcome to UJS Campaigns. During the 1970s, due to Zionism = Racism and J-Socs being banned, UJS became a campaigning organisation and today the Campaigns team is made up of Liron Velleman, the Campaigns Manager, and Campaigns Officers Rebecca Filer and Sam Gold.

The UJS Campaigns team works with J-Socs and Jewish students nationwide to protect and maintain the welfare of our members and defend Jewish students’ interests on campus. We aim to empower Jewish students to ensure that they can study in a safe, inclusive and fair environment. We also have different UJS Campaigns events throughout the year.

We seek to develop a wide cohort of student activists, encouraging them to engage with both their local students’ union and the national student movement.  We also work with many within the community to ensure that Jewish students are able to have a voice on campus, helping to develop them into outstanding leaders.

Our work includes: combatting Antisemitism, marking Holocaust Memorial Day and Holocaust Educationpromoting peace, running J.E.W campaign, ARAF and Interfaith projects.

UJS Campaigns are unified, but not uniform. We represent students’ views but encourage them to form their own opinions and stand up for what they believe in. There are many different ways you can get involved in UJS Campaigns, so if you are interested in being part of a thriving group of student activists then please contact Josh or Liron.


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