Building Bridges is a specific campaign which aims to promote dialogue and coexistence in order to achieve peace between Israel and Palestine during Israeli Apartheid Week. This campaign will provide an alternative option to the usual divisive nature in which the Israel-Palestine conflict is played out on campus. The aim of the campaign is to promote constructive dialogue and discussion on the conflict and also recognise the complexity of the region.

We are supporting students across the country to deliver a balanced debate on Israel-Palestine during Israeli Apartheid Week, an incredibly hostile and intimidating week of campaigning. Jewish students and activists will speak up against Israeli Apartheid Week with a wide range of events taking place across UK campuses. We will be providing J-Socs and Jewish students with resources to help promote a message of peace, as well as a commitment to a two state solution.

Planned activity on campus:

  • Stalls being held at Liverpool, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester and UCL
  • Bristol, Edinburgh and Leeds - IDF Soldiers are speaking at
  • LSE and Birmingham are hosting Elhanan Miller (ex Times of Israel Journalist)
  • Nottingham are hosting Alan Johnson
  • UCL are having a history of the Arab-Israeli conflict session and hosting Colonel Kemp
  • Exeter are holding a ‘Mull and Munch over Israel’ session
  • KCL - Itamar Marcus is speaking

Russell Langer, UJS Campaigns Director, said:

“While some unfortunately choose to spend this week spreading hate and causing division, we will be working with students to encourage dialogue and peace. This is a message deeply needed both here on campus and in Israel-Palestine.”



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