UJS' Liberation Networks are open to Jewish students who self-define as disabled, LGBT+ and/or women and non-binary. UJS Liberation Networks are part of an initiative that aims to open up conversation and discussion around the experiences of students who identify with marginalised or minority groups.

As a highly visible and representative organisation on campus, UJS has a responsibility to encourage and empower these individuals and allies to amplify their voices and become visibly active in the Anglo-Jewish community and wider British society. It is also important to us to provide another access point to another group of students to connect to UJS in a way that interests and is meaningful to them.

UJS launched its annual Liberation Conference in 2015. The first Liberation Conference educated and empowered those who attended, with a wide range of speakers who spoke authentically and anecdotally from personal experience. Speakers included: Benjamin Cohen – Founder of Pink News, Jacqueline Nicholls and Mekella Broomberg - JW3's Misogynist Film Club, Naomi Russell - Time to Change, Emma Dorman – JAMI, Robbie Young – NUS LGBT Officer and Rabbi David Mitchell – West London Synagogue.

Read about the most recent UJS Liberation Conference here.

The UJS Liberation Networks rely on dedicated, passionate, hardworking students who self-define into them to keep them alive. If you are interested in helping to strengthen any of our Liberation Networks, please contact us on ujs@ujs.org.uk.



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