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Dana Winter

Growing up in the smaller community of Vienna, Austria, I was not aware of the importance and impact Jewish students can have.

Before I moved to the UK at the age of 18, I attended the French international school in Vienna, giving me the privilege to grow up surrounded my lots of different nationalities and cultures. There was no “normal”, celebrating diversity as it should be. I was also part of the youth movement Hashomer Hatzair, which I am very passionate about. I moved to the UK in September 2015 to study BA Management with Marketing at the University of Leeds. I got involved with my J-Soc very quickly and was elected President in November 2015 for the upcoming year. My time on committee and at university strengthened my Jewish identity and my awareness of it, making me prouder of my faith. I got involved with UJS on a national level soon after. The size of the UK Jewish community got me even more excited about all the opportunities offered, and I always try make other see it as me.

As a sabbatical officer at UJS, I am looking forward to working with different students and J-Socs as well as working on the communications side of the organisation, combining my passion for Jewish students with my interest in marketing.

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