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Daniel Marcus


My name is Daniel Marcus and I am an enthusiastic, optimistic and positive minded North West London NJB. I have just finished my undergraduate degree studying English Literature and American studies at The University of Nottingham and I am very excited to be on the UJS sabbatical team for the year 2021/22, as your Israel Engagement Sab Officer.

One of my biggest passions is Israel; be it Israeli life, culture, history or politics. I hope to live in Israel one day and have taken pride during my time at Nottingham in a personal mission to spread my love of Israel to my campus. I achieved this through my work on my J-Soc committee, by campaigning and protesting against antisemitism, educating students about Zionism and organising events celebrating Jewish and Israeli culture. I also also built an online profile by writing articles for my Times of Israel Blog, creating educational infographics and hosting and speaking in online forums.

My twin aims for this year are to encourage you, the passionate Jewish students, to step up and spread your love for Israel across your campus and to provide you with an expansion of the outstanding support that UJS gave to me to facilitate my goals.

See you on campus!


J-Socs (Jewish Societies) I work with: 
Campus sessions I can run: 

How to have productive disagreements about Israel (that don't devolve into chaos) – available in person

Dan draws on his experiences as the Israel and Campaigns officer on his campus to bring a session on how to have productive disagreements on Israel. The interactive session covers why so many discussions about Israel devolve into disagreements and then into chaos. Dan aims to teach you common psychological pitfalls you can avoid in order to have healthier, happier and more productive disagreements about Israel, the conflict and more.

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Contact me:

E: [email protected]

M: 07868 344 833

T: 020 7424 3288

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