Freshers Trip

UJS Freshers Trip

 Are you...

  • Starting University this year?
  • Want to lead campaigns on campus that promote peace, dialogue & respectful debate?
  • Want to be prepared for campus life?
  • Want to become the next big student leader?
  • Want the leadership skills and knowledge to do so?  

This is a 7-day trip to Israel where you will learn from the experts, meet senior policy makers and gain vital skills and knowledge to give you the confidence to be a leader on campus! Having finished school and looking for ways to
prepare yourself for campus life, this is your opportunity to put yourself a step ahead when you arrive to halls!

You’ll see first-hand the real and complex current situation and you’ll be introduced to multiple facets of Israeli
society through a social, cultural, political and religious lens, and Israeli and Palestinian voices on the conflict.
Not only this, but you will build a network of like minded students from universities across the UK.

We are looking for participants who demonstrate the desire to work with UJS and our partners throughout their campus life to then go on and play an active and positive role in the 

wider Jewish community.


If you have any questions, please contact Bradley.



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