International students coming to the UK

Getting about - Welcome to the United Kingdom!

Once you have found your local J-Soc, there is lots more to discover when you arrive in the UK.

First of all, get to know your local area. Have a look around your campus, find your local supermarkets and Student Union. Get to know your flatmates and make yourself feel at home.

Once you have settled in, familiarise yourself with different modes of transport within your city and the UK.

16-25 Railcard 

A 16-25 Railcard costs just £30 and it'll save you 1/3 on rail fares throughout Great Britain for a whole year. Visiting other parts of the city will make you feel more at home with the country, as different places have got wonderful different things to offer. Additionally, UJS provides different opportunities and weekend trips which might require you to travel, making a railcard even more useful.

Furthermore, if you are at a London University or even just coming to visit London from your campus, you can link up your railcard with your oyster card at any underground station and save money when travelling on the London underground.

Bus Hopper

Make a journey using pay as you go on a bus or tram, and you can make a second bus or tram journey for free within one hour of first touching in. You must touch in using the same card on the second bus or tram. Hopper fares apply to adult and discounted rate pay as you go journeys. Find out more about Bus Hopper. 


UJS work closely with the Community Security Trust (CST). We have different points of contacts within their team. Even though we believe that all UK campuses should not be worrying, in case you or someone you know experience an antisemitic incident, please report it here. It is very important that these are reported, otherwise we cannot work to combat them.


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