Holocaust Education

Holocaust Education on Campus

Holocaust Education on campus can take multiple forms to suit your campus. Traditionally, Holocaust commemoration falls around Holocaust Memorial Day and Yom HaShoah but you are not restricted to these days and Holocaust Education can happen all year round. There are a multitude of ways that you can commemorate on campus at any date or time - whatever is most convenient for students. Don’t worry if you’ve never organised an event before, we’re here to help you along the way by providing ideas and resources to use.

Getting a speaker on campus can be incredibly difficult. When applying to get a Holocaust Survivor Speaker on campus, please be flexible with your timings. Many Holocaust survivors will be very busy around Holocaust Memorial Day and many cannot travel long distances regularly. Please keep this in mind when applying for a speaker. To apply, please click here to apply for a speaker.

      Please note: The earlier you apply the more likely it is you will get a speaker!

However, if you are unable to get a Holocaust Survivor, there are many second and third generation speakers who are beginning to speak on campuses. If this is something you are interested in, please contact your sabbatical officer 

Other than speakers, there are many other events that you could hold. This could include a Room of Remembrance, a Memorial Service, a film viewing or discussion board. For more examples of alternative events, please click here
These are some examples of events you can host. If you have any other ideas, please contact UJS. 

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