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The Hong Kong Jewish community is very strong and represents a diverse collective spread between two areas: Mid-Level and Kowloon. There is a Chabad, a progressive community (UJC), and two Orthodox communities in Mid-Level, as well as several communities and a Chabad in Kowloon. All of the communities host various young adult programming, which is open to study abroad students. Despite the community's strength and size, there are few options for Kosher food. There are, however, many opportunities for students to take leadership roles in the community, including an annual Jewish film festival. Connect with KAHAL to find your Jewish home in Hong Kong. 


  • Shabbat and holiday experiences
  • Host families and housing
  • Jewish Women’s Association
  • Annual Jewish Film Festival
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Jewish beer drinkers club, Jewish book club, and other groups
  • One Kosher restaurant and store

Feel free to get in touch with us at UJS by calling 0207 424 3288 - We are here to help and have great knowledge and connections!


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