Men's Mental Health-Seth Marks

Hey, my name is Seth and when I was asked by UJS, an organisation built on supporting Jewish students throughout their university experience, to write a post about World Mental Health Day, my mind drew back to the UJS summit last year. Through an impressive talk by Natasha Battat from an incredible charity called JAMI, I wrote a post about bringing support to students in our Brighton and Sussex JSOC about mental health. It got me involved and interested in a topic which, although isn’t my struggle, I understand that some need support.

So, to begin, whilst there has been a progression in men opening up, a lot of men still find it unnatural to share their emotions, problems, and battles. The question isn’t just how we get men to talk, but how do we help men to feel supported.

World Mental Health Day exists to eliminate the stigma. When we see a man open up, we shouldn’t say “why is he being emotional?” or “he’s being a girl” working on the transition towards a normalisation between men and talking about feelings in the same way that women freely enjoy.

It's important to be comfortable talking about what you're feeling. Whether you talk to your flatmates, your parents, your partner, your pets or even just yourself, having conversations and vocalising your thoughts is a key part of understanding how to deal with them.

Today, instead of asking your friend 'have you got a summer internship planned?', 'have you started your dissertation?' or 'have you got a grad scheme lined up?', you should simply ask people “How are you feeling today?”.

Let’s start a conversation.

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