General Election outcome statement

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Over the last six weeks, it has been inspiring to see young people on all sides of the debate engaging in this General Election, and the impressively high youth turnout is a sign of young people determined to ensure that their voice is heard in Westminster and across the country. Our political parties will no longer be able to ignore the needs and concerns of young people.

As the composition of the government remains unconfirmed at this time, it is too early to say what this result means for Jewish students. They should be reassured, however, by the reelection of a number of MPs who have regularly stood up for Jewish students in Parliament and in wider society which we expect to continue.  

Many Jewish students will have concerns regarding parties' positions towards certain issues, particularly the Labour Party's handling of antisemitism and its leadership's past support for groups committed to Israel's destruction, but we hope that whichever party governs our country following this General Election will continue to safeguard a thriving Jewish student life on all UK campuses, including but not limited to taking a strong stand against antisemitism.


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