UJS President speaks to World Jewish Congress in New York

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UJS President Josh Seitler attended the 15th World Jewish Congress in New York on April 23-25 2017. He was part of a delegation from the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

During the Plenary, a motion to 'Support the Worldwide Jewish Student Movement' was proposed. This motion reocgnised Jewish students' position 'on the front line of defence against the rise of antisemitism in institutions of higher education in more than 30 countries' and resolved for the WJC to continue supporting Jewish students' initiatives around the world.

UJS President Josh Seitler spoke to 600 delegates in favour of the motion, arguing that the wider Jewish community should be giving students 'as much opportunity as possible to speak out on these issues. We should not be telling students what we think they need but listening and giving them what they actually need.'

Read the full text of his speech, alongside a blog articulating why he said what he did, here.

Photo, top: UJS President Josh Seitler pictured with global Jewish student leaders, including Yos Tarshish of the World Union of Jewish Students, Benny Fischer of the European Union of Jewish Students and other elected representatives of the Jewish student movement around the world, at the 15th World Jewish Congress Plenary in New York, April 2017.


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