Bridges Not Boycotts

Organisations Working For Peace

Organisations in Israel and Palestine are working together to promote peace in the region by uniting around common causes and seeking to break down the barriers between people. Bridges Not Boycotts seeks to shed light on the ground-breaking and impactful work that these organisations do in the region to bring about dialogue and peace.
By uniting Israelis and Palestinians around a common cause, organisations in the region are bringing people together. Both the Arava Institute and Eco Peace centre on environmentalism and environmental studies, uniting Israelis and Palestinians through the shared landscape in which they live and the challenges it poses to all people in the area. Organisations like the Peres Center for Peace and One Voice support and develop programs and initiatives that aim to create a shared society and build toward a negotiated resolution to the conflict. These organisations are models for the way students should be engaging with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on campus, by putting aside differences in order to prioritise positive solutions and constructive steps.

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