Period Poverty Campaign

Student Testimonies

Ambassador testimonial - Judith Offenberg

‘Hi I'm Judith and I'm passionate about the period poverty campaign because it's a topic which affects so many of us and is still not considered a fundamental right. Menstruating isn't a choice and therefore neither should be the access to menstrual products. We live in a society where we preach that women have the same rights and yet unfortunately many menstruating people struggle to afford essential items like menstrual products and are therefore disadvantaged in their societal development and education. I hope that we can all work together to destigmatise periods and create a fairer future for everybody affected by period poverty.’

Ambassador testimonial: Az Simble 

‘I’m Az and I’m interested in combatting Period Poverty because of the implications it has on so many peoples lives. Menstruation is not a choice yet people with periods have to pay a lot of money every month which is not accessible for all. I believe Period poverty needs to be eradicated to give everyone the chance they deserve.’



Throughout this campaign, we are strongly encouraging students to make donations to Bloody Good Period, a charity that materially helps those in period poverty. They order period products in bulk and so your donated money goes further to help more people. This charity has been on the frontline of period poverty in response to the heightened demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please consider donating using the link below: 


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