UJS Presidential Election

Presidential Candidate: Annie Cohen

Annie.jpgHi, my name is Annie Geoffrey Cohen.

I’m studying History and Yiddish at the University of London.

I’m a Jewish, non-zionist, antifascist, socialist Buffy fangirl (no particular order). My pronouns are she/her. I am an activist and community organiser with a group called Jewdas.

I had a reform, liberal zionist upbringing in Golders Green. The beigels are better in East London. I don’t know if my family are more disappointed in my being a non-zionist, or that I now pronounce it ‘beigel’.

Jewishness and community are very important to me. I am working on this campaign with a group of lefty Jews who have all for various reasons found ourselves on the outskirts of the mainstream community. A union isn't its leader, it is its members, so I look forward to getting to know lots of you in the next few weeks :) 





Manifesto (click the image to enlarge):


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