UJS Presidential Election

Presidential Candidate: Hannah Rose


I’m Hannah Rose, a 4th year at Bristol, ex-Vice President of my J-Soc and co-founder of Bristol Israel-Palestine Discussion Group. Now, I’m running to be your UJS President.

Being a Jewish student isn’t always easy. Whether it’s the difficulty of accessing your J-Soc or the level of antisemitism on our campuses, it’s never been more important to have a strong national Jewish student union standing with you as we tackle these challenges together. But for too long UJS has simply been a registration form at a Freshers Fair or a headline in the newspaper.

Our movement is at its best when we are winning for all Jewish students. As your UJS President, I’ll lead UJS into its 100th year, shouting, leading and winning with you.

UJS, it’s time to get Ready for Rose.



Manifesto (click the image to enlarge or click here to download in plain text):





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