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Rebecca Lewis

My name is Rebecca and I am a Londoner born and bred. At the age of 18, I decided to venture past Watford and chose to study English Literature and Theatre at the University of Leeds.  Whilst in Leeds, I consciously took a step away from the Jewish bubble. I subsequently learnt the importance of my Jewish identity finding myself having to educate my peers about what it means to be Jewish.

As well as studying for my degree, I was also a part of the Unit Head Team for Jewish Camps USA which helped young people get placed at Jewish camps in America. This is something I am particularly passionate about after spending two summers at Tamarack Camps in Michigan.

In my spare time, I am often listening to music that is deemed to be ‘before my time’, reading novels, coming up with incredible puns (subject to opinion), travelling, or researching a weird conspiracy theory.

As well as spending my time with J-Socs all over the country, I will also be focusing on Interfaith and Holocaust Education. These are two areas that I am particularly interested in developing in the upcoming year.  

I am excited to meet students across the country and bring something new to UJS.

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