Wellbeing at university

Security at university

Keeping yourself and others safe

The safety, security and wellbeing of Jewish students is one of UJS' top priorities.
One of the ways we work to achieve this is by working with the Community Security Trust (CST), an organisation that protects the Jewish community. With 55 full-time staff and 3,000 volunteers, CST provides physical security and advice to the community, regardless of religious or political affiliation. CST works together in partnership with UJS both on a national and a campus level, with student CST volunteers liaising with individual Jewish societies and providing advice and security where necessary.

CST is able to provide support and security because of the effort of its members, who give their time to help protect their community. CST not only provides training for its volunteers, but also for J-Soc committees, campaigns and the Jewish student body in general.
Antisemitism is not something that everyone will see or experience at university and definitely not something which should define one’s time whilst studying. However, it can be present. UJS and CST work to counter the effects of this hatred, with universities, the police and the government. Together with one of the UK’s top lawyers, Anthony Julius, UJS and CST have developed A Student’s Guide to Antisemitism on Campus, a handbook to aid students in how to tackle and report antisemitism in all of its forms. This book goes out to students across the country at the beginning of each academic year.

CST also trains students of all beliefs and backgrounds to become Student Security Officers for their campuses. Countless J-Soc events, from Friday night dinners to J-Soc Balls, are kept safe by these volunteers. Find out more about the Student Security Officer Programme here.

CST trains a group of volunteers

Streetwise tips for campus life:
  • Lock away your valuables when you are out of the house.
  • Don’t leave your drinks unattended.
  • Always call a licensed cab company – never hail a minicab off the street.
  • For safety, travel in numbers at night.
  • Prevent tailgating - shut doors so that people can't follow you into your accommodation, J-Soc activities and locations or elsewhere.
  • Be alert for suspicious people and activities. This includes parked cars and unattended items near communal buildings and Jewish neighbourhoods (as well as the wider city.)
  • Report any antisemitic incident to CST on their 24 hour national emergency number: 020 8457 9999.
To report an incident, become a volunteer, for security advice, or for more information, please call the numbers above, or visit www.cst.org.uk

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