Trip Safety

Given the ongoing situation in Israel, please find below a note on our long-standing procedures to ensure participant security on our trips. 

UJS has over thirty years’ experience working with Israeli partners to run safe, secure, informative and enjoyable educational trips to Israel. All UJS trips in Israel work with professional tour operators who receive regular updates, advice from security services and provide security guidance and measures as necessary. 

The itinerary will be checked around two weeks before the programme and amended based on security guidance. Every morning we will receive a security update regarding our itinerary and if their advice necessitates it, the trip's schedule is adapted. 

There are also specific measures in place:

  • In keeping with current FCO travel advice to Israel, our education trips specifically avoid public transport, bus and train stations, and large gatherings.
  • All accommodation and use of indoor venues come with security, so that every plausible step is taken to ensure the safety of our participants
  • Each day, up to the minute guidance is provided from the same Israeli government department that advises all internal Israeli school trips
  • If necessary, hour by hour modifications to the programme are enacted
  • Free time will be reviewed in line with security advice and participants will be given clear guidelines to follow.


If advised as appropriate, UJS will employ additional security personnel to accompany any group we have in Israel.

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