Yom Haatzmaut

Welcome to the UJS Israel 70th – Yom Haatzmaut Page!

Ready? Great, let’s begin the party!

Here you’ll find information on events taking place in the coming days/weeks around different campuses across the country. If you haven’t found one near you and would like to set one up, feel free to get in touch with UJS programmes manager Emanuele.

We are also excited to share a personal reflection written by our very own J-Soc Office Daniel Rafaeli on Israel’s 70th birthday, as an Israeli born citizen living in the UK today.

Finally, we are proud to share three insightful educational resources that can help spark really engaging conversations amongst the many celebrations! (and at your J-Soc events during the rest of this term)

  • Independence written by Robin Moss and Mikhael Reuven for the Limmud Chavruta Project. This resource combines Israel’s declaration of Independence with a range of traditional and modern text for discussions in the style of Jewish text study, because Jewish education is at its best when it is in loud conversation with other people
  • A Land of Milk and Honey, Tales of Goats and Apples produced by UJIA adapting an earlier edition created by our very own David Davidi-Brown when he worked on UJIA’s resource for the 60th anniversary of Israel’s declaration of Independence. This resource features a collection of seven Israeli stories and poems and accompanying questions exploring identity, culture and Israel
  • Fathom – Israel 70 A special bumper issue of the journal that maps the state of Israel at 70 years old and examines some of the major challenges facing this still young country. Articles, interviews, films, and book reviews from 37 writers will be rolled out at the Fathom website over the Spring of 2018.

These are just three digital examples and of course a lot more material and resources can be found online, from Israeli newspapers to Jewish libraries online and much more! If you’d like more material or have a specific topic you’d like to look more in depth into, we will be happy to direct you to other specific engaging and informative materials! Feel free to get in touch with UJS programmes manager Emanuele.

What is Yom Haatzmaut?

Yom Haatzmaut celebrates Israel’s Independence Day, commemorating the Israeli Declaration of Independence in 1948 and thus an important moment in the history of the Jewish people. This year, Israel celebrates its 70th birthday and we, as UJS, are proud to join the Israeli people and Jewish Communities around the world in celebrating this exciting occasion, together with thousands of students and university societies across the country. Israel plays a key role in the identities of many Jewish students across the country, and UJS is proud to provide the space for celebrations in many shapes and forms.

What student events are taking place?

Please find below a list of events taking place in UK campuses. This list is not exhaustive and more events might be planned. If you need more information on any of the events below or want to know about other campuses, please be in touch with Emanuele or with the relevant J-Soc!

Glasgow J-Soc – “Tea and Torah”, Wednesday 18th April, Yom Haatzmaut Special

Leeds J-Soc - Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haatzmaut Event, Wednesday 18th April

LondonYom Haatzmaut Concert, Thursday 19th April – Get tickets here

Nottingham Trent J-Soc - Yom Haatzmaut BBQ, Thursday 19th April

Brighton J-Soc – Yom Haatzmaut Party with Sushi and Israeli music, 19th of April

Liverpool J-Soc – Yom Haatzmaut Party with Israeli movie, Thursday 19th April

Leeds J-Soc - Yom Haatzmaut Party, Thursday 19th April

Bristol J-Soc – Yom Haatzmaut Friday Night Dinner, Friday 20th April

Bournemouth J-Soc – Yom Haatzmaut Friday Night Dinner, 27th April

Manchester J-Soc - Yom Haatzmaut Friday Night Dinner, Friday 20th April

Warwick J-Soc – Yom Haatzmaut BBQ, Tuesday 24th April  

Nottingham J-Soc - Yom Haatzmaut BBQ and Varsity event, Wednesday 25th April

London – Platinum: Celebrating Israel at 70, Thursady 24th May – Get tickets here

My Israel - Blog by JSoc Officer Dan Rafael

With Israel turning 70 years young, our J-Soc Officer Dan reflects on his own journey, as an Israeli living in the UK on this special occasion. Don’t miss out a truly engaging and insightful blog!


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