What are your plans this summer?

No plans yet this summer and your parents are pressuring you to sort your life out – how about working at UJS?

UJS Careers:  Finance and Office Assistant Position Available

We are looking for a Finance and Office Assistant to start in June 2016.



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Whats On

Tue 31st May

Liverpool J-Soc Friday Night Dinner - Late Payment
31st May 6:30pm - 11:59pm
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Friday Night Dinner

Thu 9th June

Union of Jewish Students UJS Incubator 2016
9th June 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Join us for an evening where talented students artists, designers and writers showcase their Jewish Identity and Relation to Israel through different forms of artistic expressions.

Sun 19th June

Union of Jewish Students Manhigut
19th June midnight - 26th June midnight

Wed 31st August

Oxford J-Soc Late Meals Payment
31st August midnight - 1st September midnight
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