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Approx. number of Jewish students on campus: 15+

President: Amelia Diamond

The Society is connected with both the local Orthodox and local Reform Jewish Communities as well as a good interfaith link with other faith societies. 

The society is a contributing part of the network link between Portsmouth and Haifa Twin Cities. 

The Jewish Community Society is an open and inclusive group for all levels of Judaism and members of other faiths who are interested in learning more about Jewish Culture. 

Events involved are general hangouts and discussions, going to Shabbat services, discussing Judaism as a religion a culture and its long history, learning Hebrew and exploring our faith and how that fits in to todays society. 

Portsmouth has one of the oldest Jewish Communities in the country dating back to the first synagogue built in the city in 1780.  




The UJS Campus officer for this J-Soc is Alison


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