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Events Accessibility Checklist

Please see the events accessibility checklist below! This is a very useful guide to ensuring every JSoc event is as accessible as possible, and eases communication to your JSoc members about the access arrangements for each event.

You can download a copy of the Events Accessibility Checklist here. 

In the tabs below you can view the same list of accessibility requirements to consider, and solutions to make your event more inclusive.

Lift access - This venue is accessible by both stairs and a lift.

Access ramp - The entrance to this venue is equipped with a wheelchair ramp.

Wide doors and corridors - The rooms and corridors in this venue are wide enough to accomodate wheelchair movement.

Parking accessible? There is parking available at [INSERT ADDRESS HERE]

Dropped curbs - The venue is near a dropped curb.

Seating - Seating will be available for those who need it.

Queueing - If you require a seat whilst you queue, please speak to a member of staff.

Light sensitivity (including light sensitive epilepsy) - This event/performance will use bright lights/flashing lights/strobe lighting and may not be suitable for those with light sensitive epilepsy.

Sound sensitivity (general) - This event/performance can be loud. Ear plugs and/or ear defenders will be available on request.

Sound sensitivity (building work/sound checking) Please be aware that there is building work/sound checking going on in the building which may be a problem for those sensitive to sound. Ear plugs and/or ear defenders will be available on request.

Quiet area - There is a quiet area available for this event, it can be found at [INSERT LOCATION HERE]

BSL interpreter - A BSL interpreter will be present at the event. Please let a member of staff know if you require interpretation.

Subtitles/closed captions (also applies to other impairments and non-native English speakers) - This movie/performance will be subtitled/closed captioned in British English.

Lip reading - If you lip read, please let us know.

Priority seating available - Priority seating toward the front of the audience is available upon request.

Audio description - This movie/performance will have audio description in British English.

Large print Handouts - will be available in large print.

Physical handouts - If you need a physical copy of the handout (eg. Senate agenda), please let a member of staff know.

Alcohol - This is a dry/alcohol-free event. OR Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be served at this event.

Water fountains - The nearest water fountain can be found [INSERT FLOOR/ROOM HERE].

Accessible toilets - This venue has accessible toilets. [Note if the accessible toilet requires a radar key.] There are located [LOCATION].

Gender-neutral toilets - This venue has gender-neutral toilets which are located [LOCATION].

Access breaks - There will be a 5/10 minute access break partway through this session.

Trigger warnings - This film/talk/event features discussions and depiction of [insert triggering content here]. OR Trigger warnings will be provided on the night by individual speakers.

Food allergies - List the allergens in any food present or state that there will be an allergen guide on site.

Low-income pricing - A limited number of subsidised tickets are available for those who need them.

Transliterated text - There are transliterated texts available

Service animal relief area - There is a service animal relief area located at [INSERT LOCATION HERE]

Assistance dog users - Additional leg room is available for assistance dogs

Carer tickets - Free tickets are available for carers

Gender-neuteral seating - This event will/will not have gender-neuteral seating

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