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UJS Conference will take place 10th December at UJS Convention.
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Every year UJS hold an event where you, the students, have a voice in what happens for the next 3 years at UJS. You have the opportunity to submit ideas about different projects you want UJS to focus on, raise issues that are happening on your campus, and elect your fellow students to multiple leadership positions within UJS.

This is YOUR chance to have your say and shape your union. There will be accessible and online options for policy debate. 

Conference takes place on Sunday 10th December 2023, as part of UJS Convention.

This page will include all the key information you need to get involved with Conference!

If you have any questions chat to Guy or Emi

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Timeline for Conference


Conference Has A Restructure For 2023-24. Click Here To Find Out More.



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Wednesday 25th October • Motions submission opens 

23:59 Thursday 23rd November • Motions submission closes

Monday 4th December • Motions published, amendments open

Tuesday 5th December • Motions amendments close and motions booklet published

Friday 8th December • Priority Ballot opens

Saturday 9th December • Priority Ballot closes

Sunday 10th December • UJS CONFERENCE


Presidential Elections

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Midday Monday 6th November 2023 • Nominations open

Midday Monday 20th November 2023 • Nominations close

5pm Monday 20th November 2023 • Candidates closed briefing

9am Tuesday 21st November 2023 • Candidates announced and campaigning opens

Afternoon Sunday 26th November 2023 • First debate (UJS and JSocs, peer-leadership and representation)

Sunday 26th November 2023 • Voting opens as soon as debate finishes

Tuesday 28th November 2023 • Second debate (campaigning issues, fighting antisemitism and Israel engagement)

Afternoon Sunday 3rd December 2023 • Third debate (UJS programming, wider developments and cross-communalism)

Midday Tuesday 5th December 2023 – deadline for registering for a voter key (all sign-ups to the UJS website must have a JSoc, a valid graduation year and a valid email. Sign-ups will be vetted and checked by the office admin team and may be requested to submit a valid student ID)

23:59 Thursday 7th December 2023 • Campaigning ends and voting closes

Sunday 10th December 2023 • Result announced during UJS Conference (at UJS Convention)

To find out more about running for UJS President please speak to Edward


BoD and National Council Elections

Click Here For All Information About This
Year's Board of Deputies Elections!


Click Here For All Information About This
Year's National Council Elections!

Monday 13th November 2023 • Nominations open

Sunday 10th December 2023 • Nominations close and speeches delivered to students

Monday 11th December 2023 • Voting opens

Monday 18th December 2023 • Voting closes


Resources for Conference


Click to see UJS' current policy

Click to see our motion companion

Click to see the pre-Conference booklet 





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