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A recent speed faithing event, Leeds J-Soc

I am Rubin Verebes, a media student in my first year at the University of Nottingham. After recently emigrating back to the UK for further education, I have re-engaged myself in the Jewish cultural and religious bubble that I was deprived of back in Hong Kong - my recent home for the past nine years. In the first weeks of university, I decided to ingratiate myself in Jewish life on campus. I went to Chabad during freshers week for Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Friday night dinner; the chaplain for a chat and coffee; and Jewish Society to meet all the new Jewish students on campus.

I wanted to do more though. I applied and successfully joined the committee of Nottingham J-Soc, fulfilling my role as Interfaith Officer. My role as Interfaith Officer challenges the students and committees of other faith societies within the Nottingham Students Union; to organise and set up multi-faith events, to create an inclusive environment on campus for Jews and other religious believers. This is vital for a community like the one of Nottingham campuses.

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