Our Work

As the voice of Jewish students, we believe in supporting and engaging Jewish students, all across the UK, in multiple diverse areas of work. 

Our Work is divided up into 15 different work areas based on the priorities and needs of Jewish students, determined annually at the UJS Conference.

On this page you can take a look at our work areas, find out what we have been doing, and what we plan to do in the year ahead to lead, defend, and enrich Jewish life on campus.

Each year we use policy - written and voted on by students at our annual Conference - to guide our work. You can read our Current Policy in full here.
Our initiatives and projects cover areas such as Combatting Antisemitism, Social Action, Interfaith, Holocaust Education, Israel Engagement, Mental Health, Liberation, and so much more.

The breadth and depth of these projects are spearheaded by the UJS President and their team as well as the numerous passionate students who actively engage in these areas of work and with UJS in general. 

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