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Our Inclusion Work

At UJS, every Jewish student is welcome and valued exactly as they are. At the core of our inclusion and liberation work is the belief that everyone should feel comfortable to bring their whole self and never have to apologise for or hide parts of their identity. We also work to empower marginalised students to speak up and create change through peer leadership and campaigns. The named liberation groups within UJS are: Jewish students of colour, Disabled Jewish students, LGBTQ+ Jewish students, women Jewish students, and working class Jewish students.

Take a look at the work we've been doing in this area, and visit the Inclusion hub for all the details, and more information!




What We've Done

What We're Doing

Created an LGBT Network

Hosting women's discussion groups on campus

 Building a Disability community

Supporting egalitarian prayer groups

Created an accessibility checklist for JSoc Events

Creating guidance to support JSocs to become more inclusive

To learn more about our Inclusions work,
contact Dora, or call 0207 424 3288



You can view the relevant policies on Inclusion here. The actions listed on this page relate to the following polices:

  • CO13  UJS to oppose transphobia (within Jewish communal discourse) 
  • CO20  UJS being Pro-Noun 
  • UJ8  Keshet LGBTQ awareness training 
  • UJ19  LGBTQ+ UJS Network 
  • UJ20  Accessibility Forums 
  • UJ21  Women and Gender non-conforming Networks 
  • UJ50  UJS to support Disabled Jewish students 
  • UJ4 Transgender and Non Binary Rights
  • UJ13   UJS Inclusivity Review
  • UJ17  Racial Inclusivity
  • UJ9  Liberation Committee
  • UJ5 Neurodiversity and Inclusion
  • UJ16  UJS @ Pride
  • UJ20  Peer Led Liberation Groups
  • CA6  Misogyny on Campus
  • CO3  UJS to Commit to Implementing the Board of Deputies' Recommendations on Combatting Racial Inequality Within the Jewish Community
  • UJ12  Digital Poverty Support
  • CO10  LGBTQ+ inclusive sex-ed motion 

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