A little bit about UJS


UJS has a number of regular publications and resources.

UJS Annual Review 2022-23
Israel At War - Support Your Jewish School Students
Israel at War - Timeline
Israel At War - FAQs
Israel At War - The World In Support Of Israel
Israel At War - Lights In The Darkness
High Holy Day Support Guide For JSocs 2023
UJS Current Policy
Aleph (Summer 2023)
UJS Student Awards 2023
UJS Shabbat Companion 2023
Aleph (Spring 2023)
UJS Strategy 2022-2025
Convention and Conference Booklet 2023
UJS' Annual Review - 2021/22
Aleph - Autumn 2022
Jewish and LGBT+: Figures Past and Present
A Simple Guide to Combat Antisemitism
UJS Shabbat Companion
UJS Tisch
Sigd Resource Guide
Annual Review 2020/21
Sukkot Festival Guide
Yom Kippur Festival Guide
Rosh Hashanah Festival Guide
Freshers Booklet: Offers and Discounts
Antisemitism Awareness Resource - Supporting Your Jewish Students
A Student's Guide to Antisemitism
Pesach Appeal 2021
Annual Review 2019/20
100 Years of UJS
Fundraising Brochure 19/20
Annual Review 2018/19
Annual Review 2017/18

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