A little bit about UJS


UJS has a number of regular publications and resources.

National Jewish Student Survey 2024
The Apprenticeship Provider's Guide To Judaism
UJS Haggadah Companion
Aleph Winter 2023
UJS Disability Report 2022-23
UJS Annual Review 2022-23
Israel At War - Support Your Jewish School Students
Israel at War - Timeline
Israel At War - FAQs
Israel At War - The World In Support Of Israel
Israel At War - Lights In The Darkness
High Holy Day Support Guide For JSocs 2023
UJS Policy 2023-24
Aleph (Summer 2023)
UJS Student Awards 2023
UJS Shabbat Companion 2023
Aleph (Spring 2023)
UJS Strategy 2022-2025
Convention and Conference Booklet 2023
UJS' Annual Review - 2021/22
Aleph - Autumn 2022
Jewish and LGBT+: Figures Past and Present
A Simple Guide to Combat Antisemitism
UJS Shabbat Companion
UJS Tisch
Sigd Resource Guide
Annual Review 2020/21
Sukkot Festival Guide
Yom Kippur Festival Guide
Rosh Hashanah Festival Guide
Freshers Booklet: Offers and Discounts
Antisemitism Awareness Resource - Supporting Your Jewish Students
A Student's Guide to Antisemitism
Pesach Appeal 2021
Annual Review 2019/20
100 Years of UJS
Fundraising Brochure 19/20
Annual Review 2018/19
Annual Review 2017/18

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