Campus Life

So you're going to university - congratulations! This is the start of a really exciting period, but it can also be a little nerve-racking, especially if you don't know what to expect. Fortunately, we're here to help.

The best way to find out about your university campus is to visit the websites of your chosen university and Student Union. You should also attend the Freshers’ Fair at the beginning of the academic year.

If you are an incoming international student click here to get in touch with kahal or UJS for any questions or help you may need

Some things you need to need to know
  • Students' Union – Students' Unions are separate from universities. Their main role is to represent students and accommodate their needs, including: learning facilities, accommodation inquiries, finance and welfare support. The Students' Union is run by elected students on a sabbatical year with regular general meetings or councils, allowing every student to put their views and ideas forward.
  • Societies  – These are groups of students with shared interests, affiliated to the Students' Union. At the annual Freshers’ Fair or on the Students' Union website you can find out about all of the societies on campus. Don’t forget to join your Jewish Society - you can find your local Jewish society here
  • Student Services Centres – In addition to the Student Union services, many universities offer professional advice on a number of issues, including healthcare, exam timetabling and appeals.

Who's who on campus?
  • J-Soc – Jewish Society (J-Soc) is the main focus of Jewish student life on each campus and is a recognised member of each university’s Student Union. J-Socs host a variety of cultural, educational, religious, social and political activities for their members, all of which are supported by UJS. Find your J-Soc here
  • UJS – We are here to support you! We are guided by our core values, the priorities of our elected President and policy passed at UJS Conference, together we create and deliver powerful campaigns; fighting prejudice, advancing inclusion, and inspiring education and action on the issues that matter to us.
  • CST - CST works to protect Jewish students on campus across the United Kingdom. CST’s dedicated Campus Team works with students across the country to ensure their safety; whether they are students who give their time as CST Volunteer Security Officers, students who are involved in their Jewish society and any other Jewish student on campus who feels they need support to combat antisemitism or protect their community. They also support Jewish students via their full time Student Security Co-ordinators.
  • University Jewish Chaplaincy - Jewish Chaplaincy is there with you during your university journey. Whether its activities with other Jewish students you’re looking for, a listening ear or a home-cooked shabbat meal, their chaplains would love to hear from you. They work tirelessly to create a warm and inclusive atmosphere where everyone, regardless of their background or affiliation, feels comfortable getting involved.
Top Tips
  • Learn a few basic recipes before you leave home
  • Bring card games e.g. uno and packs of cards
  • When attending lectures find the way of listening that works best for you. You may find taking notes mid-lecture impedes your ability to pay attention, in which case it may be better to listen first and take notes after. Everybody learns in different ways, find the way that works best for you!
  • If you're living in halls, spend as much time as possible hanging out in the common areas the first couple days! Even if you're just scrolling on your phone, people will come by and say hi.
  • Bring a doorstop so you can keep your door open and chat to your new flatmates!
One thing some of our students wished they knew before uni
  • I wish I knew that it can take many months to find really good friends. It's not a race - be yourself, try new things, enjoy your own company, and your people will find you - Dora Hirsh, Sheffield
  • One thing I wish I knew before uni is that everyone else was just as keen to meet new people, and that talking to strangers would become my new favourite activity - Ella Lambert, Edinburgh
  • Before I went to uni, I wish I knew how important it is to take the pressure off yourself, and to be patient with yourself - Jude, Kings College London
  • If you choose a degree with no set job role at the end follow your passions and employment opportunities will present themselves - Ben Shimony, Portsmouth
  • You’ll eventually find your people - and it may not be in the first week. Keep reaching out and making new friends until you find people that bring you joy - Erin Waks, Durham
As a Jewish student there are many ways to make the most of your university experience. It is an exciting time but also brings new changes to your life.

J-Soc is a great way to meet other Jewish students on campus and is a great addition to your university experience. Click here to find your J-Soc.

J-Socs are led by a democratically elected committee of dedicated Jewish students who receive guidance, support and resources from UJS. Like UJS, J-Socs are open to all Jewish students, from all backgrounds and denominations. Get in touch with your J-Soc or UJS if you are interested in joining your committee.

If you are on J-Soc committee head over to our J-Soc committee hub for useful resources and links!

If you are an international student click here to get in touch with kahal or UJS for any questions or help you may need
UJS offers a range of support to incoming and current students navigating their lives at university.

Some campuses offer Kosher accommodation in their Halls, and there also Hillel Houses for students to live in while at university. Click here to learn about accommodation at university.

Life at university can sometimes be difficult. UJS are here to help any students struggling with their Mental Health. Click here for Mental Health support

There are a number of Jewish student professional networks. Click here to discover our networks!

We understand that safety and security is a concern for many Jewish students on campus. Click here learn more about safety and security on campus

Managing your finances is a major part of student life. UJS is able to offer grants, and advice to those who need it. Click here to learn about finance at university