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The Jewish Society (J-Soc) is the main focus of Jewish student life on each campus and is a recognised member of each university’s Student Union. J-Socs host a variety of cultural, educational, religious, social and political activities for their members, many of which are supported by UJS.

J-Socs are led by a democratically elected committee of dedicated Jewish students who receive guidance, support and resources from UJS. Like UJS, J-Socs are cross communal: they're open to all Jewish students, from all backgrounds and denominations. J-Socs vary in size from ten to 1,000+ members, depending on the size of the local Jewish student community.

Are you a J-Soc committee member? For advice for treasurers on finance and UJS please speak to your J-Soc Officer

J-Soc committee members who wish to review some guidance on protecting their members’ data should click here.

If you can't find a J-Soc on your campus, please email [email protected].

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