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Approx Jewish Students on campus - 20+

Lancaster University Jewish Society is a home away from home for Jewish students (and staff) of the University. During the academic year, we aim to host fortnightly Friday Night Dinners and "Lunch & Learns" in our lounge in the Chaplaincy Centre. We also host events for important times in the calendar, be they chagim or other days of significance for the community. We have a small shul that we share with the local community for High Holiday services. We’re a diverse, tightknit, pluralistic JSoc.

Exec for 2023-2024:

President - Rachel Glaser



Kosher Food & Accommodation

There is one supermarket in town which has a small Kosher section, but students often go to Manchester to buy more in bulk. The society has Kosher food delivered from Manchester and we are also able to order for students if they wish.

Unfortunately, there is no Kosher accommodation on campus but the Jsoc has a Kosher kitchen.


Local Synagogue Information

The Jsoc has a small Shul on campus which is used by the local community for services.

Other synagogues:

Blackpool Reform Jewish Congregation

St Anne’s Hebrew Congregation (Orthodox)

Southport Reform Synagogue

Many others are available in Liverpool and Manchester too.


Email: [email protected]

Twitter: LancasterJSoc

Instagram: lancasterjsoc

The UJS Sabbatical Officer for this campus is Alison

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