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Welcome to Belfast J-Soc! We’re small in size but friendly and have everything that a J-Soc needs.


Approx Jewish Students on campus - 10+

Belfast J-Soc is inclusive of all Jewish students – religious or secular. Whilst it is a Queen’s University society, students at other Northern Ireland universities are more than welcome to join us. We host staple events, like Friday Night Dinner, and celebrate our holidays. We aim to be a safe space for Jewish students and to promote a positive Jewish voice across campus too. We hold a number of educational events at the university, including on Holocaust Memorial education and antisemitism.

Local Synagogue Information

Synagogue: In North Belfast 

Kosher Food & Accommodation

Kosher food can be bought at (this is the main place and it is mostly for bulk buying) 


The UJS Sabbatical Officer for this campus is Guy

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