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Approx Jewish Students on campus - 15+


The Plymouth J-Soc is a warm and welcoming community open to all students attending university in Plymouth. It is one of the youngest Jsocs in the country (founded last year) and just starting out! As a Jsoc we have several events that happen every term relating to Jewish holidays and general socialising. These includes several pub nights, make your own Challah and Donuts, events for the holidays, and plenty of other activities to take you back to your roots during your time at uni. We also hold termly Friday night Dinners as well as the occasional beach BBQ.

We may be small but we are rapidly growing, with new students each year, allowing us to have bigger and better events.

Whether secular or religious, Jewish or not, the Plymouth Jewish Society is a place for the community to meet, feel at home and enjoy our time in Plymouth. If you want to come along to our great events throughout the year, be involved in our vibrant, diverse Jewish community or just have a chat and fun with friends, please come along.

For students who want to take part in Jewish culture and are up for some serious L'Chaim's! 

Is there a reason to not join?! 


Local Synagogue Information

There is an active synagogue in Plymouth, the Plymouth’s Orthodox Synagogue with a range of different services from Orthodox to Cultural. 


The UJS Sabbatical Officer for this campus is Alison


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