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Approx. Jewish Students on Campus: 10+

Aberystwyth Jewish Society is committed to providing community and culture to the Jewish student population on campus in addition to serving as a representative body of the Jewish students. We are a welcoming and inclusive organization to which all are welcome regardless of heritage, race, gender expression and sexuality. We welcome both secular and non-secular Jews, as well as non-Jews with an interest in Judaism and Jewish culture and history. We aim to create an environment in which all feel heard, valued, and respected. We welcome members of all levels of observance.

Last semester, we met weekly for Shabbat and had an amazing Chanukah party. Going into semester 2, we have a lot of great events planned ranging from Tzedakah crafting to film nights. We are a small but diverse community and welcome anyone planning to visit Aberystwyth.

Campus Notes
Aberystwyth is an extremely safe town, has a beautiful coastline and is affordable for students. Aberystwyth is home to the National Library of Wales and the surrounding area offers beautiful coastline hikes. There are loads of pubs in town, all within walking distance of the campus and each other, which makes for a great night out.

Kosher Food & Accommodation
There are no kosher shops and a very limited number of kosher products in the local supermarkets. One of our goals for this term is to have our SU stock some kosher sandwiches. Ordering kosher products online is a good option, and things usually arrive quickly.
There is no designated accommodation for Jewish students.

Social Media
Instagram - aberjsoc

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The sabbatical officer for Aberystwyth is Alison.

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