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Approx Jewish Students on campus - 15+

The Aberdeen J-Soc is a warm and welcoming community open to all students attending university in Aberdeen. We host shabbat dinners, events for the holidays, nights out, and plenty of other activities to take you back to your roots during your time at uni. For students who want to take part in Jewish culture and are up for some serious L'Chaim's! 

President: Cassie Williams


What is your most memorable moment as J-Soc President?

"My most memorable event was the Purim night out we had this year. Everyone dressed up in silly costumes and we had a night on the town going to different pubs and clubs all over Aberdeen. We had a blast, everyone was celebrating in good spirits that night."

What is your favourite event you have attended?

"My most enjoyable event attended was the last shabbat dinner I hosted. It was wonderful to have everyone together one last time before we all went away for the summer, and we all sat around the living room and said lovely things about the J-Soc and each other. It was really sweet and it left me with a sense of family among the society."

Whats the best thing about Aberdeen J-Soc?

"It's like our family away from home. Everyone who comes to visit from other societies says that theirs is too big to have a sense of family and closeness, and it's amazing that we are all friends who care about each other. We all do our part to make sure the J-Soc keeps chugging along and it's a really great thing to have such a cosy community where we can be comfortable in our beliefs."

Kosher Food & Accommodation

There is no kosher food available in Aberdeen but it is possible to order it from Glasgow. 

Local Synagogue Information

There is one synagogue in Aberdeen, the Aberdeen Synagogue and Jewish Community Centre. The have services for festivals and every Friday night, as well as the first Saturday of every month. 

The UJS Sabbatical Officer for this campus is Shayna

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