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Approx Jewish Students on campus - 100+

Brighton & Sussex JSoc offers a different experience to many of the other big universities. We take pride in our worldly and open-minded society members. The society was founded by people interested in starting something unique and we welcome with open arms everyone regardless of Jewish education or level of observance. Our students tend to embrace the cultural experience they’re exposed to at university, but in JSoc they are sure to find their “home away from home”. JSoc is a space for any Jewish student studying in Brighton, Sussex, Hove, and the surrounding area.

Our most popular event is the fortnightly Friday night dinner currently hosted in the Jewish community centre. Other chart toppers include bigger events such as cheese and wine, Challah baking, film nights, pub quizzes, sushi making and of course the end of term Hanukkah and Purim parties. If you’re interested in learning more about your Judaism and volunteering you would definitely want to check out our weekly lunch and learn and get involved in our trips to the Jewish retirement home in Brighton. For those politically inclined, Sussex offers a great opportunity to get involved in university politics, but this can also be easily avoided. 

Campus Notes

The University of Sussex is located about four miles away from central Brighton and after their first year most students live half way between the two. The campus has so much to offer that many freshers feel little need to ever leave. We have a variety of bars and cafes, a laundromat, banks, a bookstore, library, a nightclub, food shops, a travel agent, a cosmetic shop and many other things we are yet to discover... Although campus contains everything you would ever need, Brighton city is one to fall in love with. It caters to all tastes, from clubs to cafes and from beaches to boutiques in The Lanes. Many consider Brighton to be one of the biggest cultural hubs of Britain.

Kosher Food & Accommodation

Brighton does not yet have a Kosher store or restaurant. However, the local Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury’s are well stocked to make up for it with fresh, frozen and dry Kosher foods and meat. Brighton is packed with vegan and vegetarian restaurants.


Local Synagogue Information

Brighton & Howe Hebrew Congregation (Orthodox)

Brighton & Hove Progressive Synagogue (Liberal)

Brighton & Hove Reform Synagogue (Reform)

The UJS Sabbatical Officer for this campus is Alison


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