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Approx Jewish Students on campus - 50+

President: Toby Kunin

"Warwick J-Soc isn't a university society like any other, it's a family. Regular events like Bagel lunches, Friday Night Dinners and infamous nights out have been a crucial part of my time at Warwick."

The Jewish Society at Warwick is a vibrant, friendly and active one. We have around 60 members and run weekly Friday night meals, bagel lunches on Wednesdays and supplement that with talks, lunch and learns and socials. 

Our Friday night meals consist of four wonderful courses and there is the occasional themed Friday night to mix things up a bit! 

We have our own kosher kitchen and can provide kosher food for any student who needs it, so all you need to do is ask. 

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to email us

Kosher Food & Accommodation

The kosher Bagels and Friday Night Dinner food gets delivered. Besides that, Kosher food can be purchased in nearby Birmingham!

The UJS Officer for this campus is Bradley

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