Our Work

Our Holocaust Education Work

UJS works with JSocs and universities to support both education and commemoration of the Holocaust. We work to ensure that the horrors of the Holocaust are never forgotten. 

Take a look at the work we've been doing in this area, and visit the Holocaust Education hub for all the details, and more information!



What We've Done

What We're Doing

Taken 300+ campus leaders on the Lessons from
Auschwitz Universities programme

Bringing Holocaust survivors to speak on campus

Launched Holocaust Survivor Week

Working with universities to educate wider student bodies

Supported JSocs in commemorating HMD

Working with March of the Living to support student attendees


To learn more about the our Holocaust Education work,
contact Dora, or call 0207 424 3288



You can view the relevant policies here. The actions listed on this page relate to the following polices:

  • CO12  The importance of Poland trips 
  • UJ10  UJS to support smaller JSocs with running Holocaust Memorial Day events 
  • CA3  Holocaust Education

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