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Our Israel Engagement Work

Israel Engagement is a core value of UJS. We work to bring Israel to Jewish student life in a way that educates, nurtures, and challenges existing viewpoints.

While politics informs much of our work, we look to expand Israel education beyond the Israel-Palestine conflict, and help students to build their own personal and cultural connections.

Take a look at the work we've been doing in this area, and visit the Israel Engagement Hub for all the details, and more information!



What We've Done

What We're Doing

Cultural and educational events, and trips to Israel

Creating safe spaces on campus to engage
students with Israeli culture

Speaker Tours featuring a range of viewpoints

Bringing a wider variety of speakers on
Israel to campus - not just politics

Ran campaigns on campus to promote peace

 Making representations on behalf of British
and Irish Jewish students to Israeli officials.


To learn more about the Campaigns Team,
contact Adi, Linoy, Sarah, Edward, or Guy or call 0207 424 3288



You can view the relevant policies here. The actions listed are based on the following policies:

  • UJ2  UJS to act whilst recognising international law 
  • CO3  UJS to advocate for Israel within UK Policy and International Law 
  • CO5  Supporting peace and harmony in Jerusalem and opposing racism in the city 
  • CO8  UJS to actively combat anti-Palestinian racism 
  • CO9  UJS supports Human Rights in Israel 
  • CA2  Opposing Settler Violence and Standing in Solidarity with its Victims 
  • CA6  Encouraging Constructive Israel Palestine Conversations on Campus 
  • CA22  Jewish students from every denomination are valued in our movement 
  • UJ4  Supporting a diverse, inclusive, and democratic Israel 
  • UJ46  UJS to Commit to critical Engagement with Israel 
  • UJ54 - Amended   Amended - Non-Cooperation with Israeli State Authorities Opposing UJS Values: 37th Government, President, Ambassador to the UK 
  • UJ59  Opposing BDS and supporting democracy 
  • CA7  UJS Will Remain Committed to Supporting Israel's Right to Defend Itself Against Those That Wish to Destroy It
  • CA8  UJS Should Combat the Labelling of Israel as an Apartheid State
  • CA12  UJS Welcomes and Supports Peace
  • CA9  UJS to Promote Opportunities for UK Students to Study in Israel
  • CA11  Israel Trips for Non-Jewish Students
  • UJ3 UJS To Recofnise the Inalienable and Collective Right of the Palestinian People To Self-Determination
  • UJ7  UJS to Support a Negotiated Two-State Solution
  • UJ15 UJS Values Historical research and Commits to Showing Competing Narrative on its Trips
  • UJ11 UJS Commits to Subscribing to the Jerusalem Program in Full as Detailed by the World Zionist Organisation (WZO)
  • UJ12  Defending Balfour Declaration
  • CA13  UJS Commitment in Combatting Xenophobia Towards Israelis
  • CA14  UJS Commitment to Israel Advocacy
  • CA15  Commitment to Combating Misinformation and Misconceptions About Israeli Society
  • CO24 UJS Supports Peace In The Middle East
  • CO13  UJS' Commitment to Encourage Critical Thinking Amongst Jewish Students and the Wider Community When it Comes To Discussing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  • CO12  Recognise the Value of and Uphold the UJS Birthright Trips
  • CO14  Peace in the Middle East
  • CO18 UJS Applauds British Government in Classifying Hamas as a Terrorist Organisation

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