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Linoy Barokas

Shalom! My name is Linoy Barokas, and I'm the Israeli Shlicha (Israeli emissary) to UJS.

I'm excited about the opportunity to work at UJS and learn more about Jewish students' experiences across the UK.

I was Born and raised in Tel Aviv, as part of a Turkish heritage family. My father immigrated to Israel from Istanbul, making me and my sister the first generation of my family to live in Israel. I completed my Bachelor's at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, double majoring in Education and Political Science with a minor in social-educational leadership. Before beginning my studies, I served in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) as an educational NCO in a classified unit of the Israeli Intelligence Corps.

I have previously served as a Shlicha in Jewish communities throughout the world, including North America, Greece, and Australia. During my Uni studies, I worked as the community manager of the International Alumni Association of HUJI, and was the co-founder of a TEDx event- TEDxRamatAviv.

In my final year of studies and before arriving in the UK, I worked as the alumni relations coordinator at The Shlichim Alumni Network at The Jewish Agency. In addition, I was an intern at the Office of the President of Israel, working with the Diaspora Affairs Advisor for President Herzog. Finally, I was a member of the Hillel International Student Cabinet for 2022-23, and active in Hillel JLM.

Outside the office (and even inside sometimes) some of my hobbies are photography, embroidery, reading a good book and eating avocados.

See you on campus!

Linoy is a part of the UJS Israel Engagement Team alongside Adi, Sarah, and Guy.

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