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Israel Engagement

For over 3000 years the history, land, people, language, culture and more recently the State of Israel have been central to Jewish identity and life. Campus offers unique opportunities to explore who we are, as well as distinct pressures for Jewish students regarding expressing our relationship with Israel.  UJS is passionate about Jewish students having the support and space to celebrate, challenge and explore their personal relationship with Israel, particularly with regard to the broad role of Israel within diverse expressions of Jewish identity.

Israel Engagement at UJS is filled with a range of programming to support your passions and interests. If you’re interested in art, social action, Hebrew, meeting Israelis, leadership development, travel and more – we are always available to help you explore the intersection of your passions, Jewish identity and Israel. Get in touch with our Israel Engagement Sabbatical Officer Daniel

Our Israel Engagement work is supported by partnerships to help connect you with excellent educators. We have three amazing Shlichim of the Jewish Agency to UJS, Adi, Noa and Dovi, who travel across the country putting on incredible events to engage students with Israel.

We also work with the UJIA’s Israel Engagement Centre and a range of organisations, such as Israeli NGOs and local UK organisations that explore the multifaceted society of Israel from art, academics, health, civil society and beyond.

UJS Israel Engagement is proud to provide many opportunities of engagement on campus with Israeli culture, through different fun activities such as: Israeli Chocolate Tasting, Shakshuka discussions, Israeli speaker tours and much, much more! If you have a particular event or programme that you would like to bring on your campus, please do not hesitate to get in touch to make this happen.  You can find all of the programmes which are run through the Jewish Agency for Israel here. 


UJS Israel Fellows 

UJS Incubator

Students are selected to become UJS Israel Campus Fellow because we believe they have
what it takes to make a real impact on the conversation about Israel on your campus.
As a UJS Israel Campus Fellow, you can expect:

1.Exclusive access to top speakers

2.Access to resources that help you to facilitate the Israel related events that YOU want to do

3.Be the leader for national (sometimes international) Israel campaigns

4.Opportunities to bring your peers on campus to Israel

For more information please contact Amanda

Incubator is the UJS flagship programme for students interested in art and creative writing. It gives students the platform to explore their Jewish identity and personal relationships with Israel through artistic expression.

The programme includes two educational days in London and a final exhibition in June with guests from all over the Community, in a prominent gallery.

Previous participants have included, among others: painters, photographers, visual art performers, writers, sculptors and so on.

If you have any questions about UJS Incubator, please get in touch.



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